3 Reasons Dealerships Love Our Technology

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As a forward-thinking company, we’re always on the lookout for new technologies that can help our dealerships improve efficiency and speed of service while also increasing customer satisfaction. Here are three technologies that our dealerships are enthusiastic about.




Facial recognition has quickly become a mainstream component of our day-to-day life. From unlocking mobiles to tagging friends on Facebook. This type of technology makes authentication quick, simple, and accurate.

As all Prestige clients are now required to complete facial recognition as part of our ID checks to help combat fraud, this includes scanning and checking the authenticity of documents too.


Prestige are the UK’s leading specialist in bespoke funding for prestige automotive vehicles, click here to find out more.




Consumers don’t like to wait in the modern world, where instant access to information reigns supreme. So, in this digital age, why should your clients have to print something to sign? Here are a couple of reasons why going paperless is the way forward:


It saves time


When dealing with paper, there’s a lot of waiting involved in having to wait for the customer to receive, sign and send back documents. With E-Sign obtaining a signature has never been so simple. ESign saves time because the document is instantly signed online. The task, which previously appeared to be tedious, has now been made easier thanks to electronic signature.


It saves money


Besides being time-saving, eSign also saves costs. Since there is no paperwork involved, there is no money spent on printing or ink. Though this may appear insignificant, it is an important issue for large corporations, particularly for businesses/transactions that require a significant amount of paperwork.


In addition, ESign also reduces travel expenses as there is no demand for physical presence of signers, unlike with paper documents. Not to mention that sending documents digitally is better for the environment.


Whilst not all our lenders are quite up to this ability, we are constantly pushing them for a commitment to help improve the journey and efficiency for all parties.

FaceTime Asset Inspections

While not every car needs to be inspected, we like to make sure that when required each one is in good working order and meets the high standards we set when working with our lenders. Using FT saves time due to lenders not having to make physical visits to where the vehicle is located. Our team in Otley conducts these primarily via FaceTime making the process easy and quick and done in less time than it takes to make a brew!


Prestige are the UK’s leading specialist in bespoke funding for prestige automotive vehicles, click here to find out more.

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