Meet Lucy [Office Manager]

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For as long as Magnitude has been around, Lucy’s been right in the thick of it as Office Manager. Having started in the industry 14 years ago, Lucy was around when Magnitude was just an idea and has been a huge part in our success.


As well as being the manager of a busy office, Lucy is a manager of a busy life too! With spare time in short supply, Lucy is a farmer’s wife and mother of two – meaning dull moments are few and far between in between raising two children, five chickens, two sheep, six lambs and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh, and Lucy’s currently waiting for an incubator full of eggs to hatch! You’d think with all that there’d be little time for Lucy to do much else, but for the last two years, she’s been busy renovating her house – makes managing an office seem like child’s play, right?

lucy 1

Lucy’s always keeping fit – being an avid fan of HIIT (that’s High Intensity Interval Training for us couch-potatoes), the intense workout is something she’s just about able to fit in five times a week during her busy lifestyle. The more I write, the more I realise I don’t really do all that much.

Lucy’s a qualified belly-dancing instructor too – and has been teaching for 19 years! She likes travelling too, with her all-time favourite experience being a safari in the Masai Mara.


Here at Magnitude, we love to hear people’s dream Three Car Garage:


Dream Car – Ferrari Portofino – “A real head-turner, it’s so good looking and looks great with the roof up or down – two cars in one!”

Portofino - image courtesy of Harry Metcalfe - Harrys Garage

Weekend Car – Range Rover SVR – “The ultimate family car – space for everyone, and the dogs, along with amazing speed and power too!”

Image courtesy of Land Rover

What does Lucy actually drive? As Lucy often calls it, ‘The Mum-mobile’ – or as anyone else might know it the Ford Kuga – is Lucy’s current car. Although she often speaks about upgrading to a Jaguar F-Pace in time!


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