How DSG Processed 20% of Car Finance Acceptances in 15 Minutes

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The past year has found DSG Finance brimming with accomplishments and success stories.

From securing the ‘Best Service for Dealers’ at the car finance awards 2021, to celebrating a record month in September, seeing us complete £53 million in car finance advances. As a result, it’s certainly been a demonstration of our dedicated colleagues and team focus.

Mark Gow, our Director of Sales, explains how DSG Finance has been able to accept the majority of acceptances in under an hour and process 20% of them within 15 minutes in the video below.

How we did it

In addition to our successes, this year we have been increasing automation to keep a strong focus on our service for dealers and customer satisfaction.

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As we have 19 different lenders it allows us to widely compare the market and respond to the dealer with a decision within the shortest amount of time. By introducing more automation it’s enabled us to deliver the majority of our acceptances in under an hour with 20% being within 15 minutes.

– Mark Gow, Director of Sales

As industry leaders, we use our financial expertise and technology innovation to help your dealerships lead the way. By putting more customers in cars and surpassing their finance expectations.

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