Bespoke finance tailored to your exact requirements

DSG Prestige is a unique service that enables you to create packages specifically for a chosen make and model.

Prestige vehicles deserve a different class of finance

Why Prestige?

The UK’s specialist in bespoke funding for prestige automotive vehicles

DSG Prestige has decades of experience working with high net-worth individuals. These customers require a degree of discretion and confidentiality around sensitive financial information, which is where our Concierge Service comes in. We can liaise with these clients directly on your behalf, providing you with a specialist service that will help to secure you extra car and finance sales.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


Clients buying high-value vehicles are highly likely to have very specific funding requirements. Our range of niche products will help you meet the needs of these discerning customers.


We have decades of experience working with high net-worth individuals. whether it’s sales or underwriting, our team has the specialist expertise to help make your deal happen.


We’re happy to provide our specialist finance knowledge direct to your customers on your behalf. When the scenario is complex we have the experience to get the deal done.


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